Fanola shampoo antifall energy new 1000 ml


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  • Description

    If you're going to stay curly, then do it right with this life-breathing shampoo designed specifically to keep curls healthy. It uses silk proteins to hydrate the hair and sets into the strands to restore elasticity so your curls stay strong and vibrant. It also helps you style later by restoring and maintaining elasticity by wrapping the strands in a protective film which reduces frizz and gives you better control. You can achieve easy, healthy curls, you just need the right tools for it.
  • Directions

    Mixing ratiosDemi 1:2 with 3.5Vol for 20-25minutesPermanent 1:1.5 with 10-40Vol for 30-40minutesSuperlighteners 1:2 with 40Vol for 40-50minutesToning 1:2 with 3.5-10Vol for 5-10minutesColour Bath 1:3 with 3.5Vol Visual timing
  • Features

    Hydrates the hair and sets into the strandsRestore elasticity so your curls stay strong and vibrantGives curls better control and reduces frizzEnriched with silk oil so you can achieve stronger, healthier curls