Pharmagel firma derm fast acting age defying skin treatment


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  • Description

    Firma Derm is a fast acting, firming and moisturizing emulsion containing antioxidants (Vitamin A, E, and C) for rapid repair and reversal of skin damage caused by aging and environmental stresses. With the ultimate active level of 750,000 I.U. of pharmaceutical grade Retinol in harmony with stabilized Vitamin C, this age-reversing moisturizer works to repair and reconstruct collagen.
  • Directions

    Use after cleansing and toning face, or apply to entire body after bathing.
  • Features

    This helps plump and smooth skin for a more youthful appearanceThe high concentration of antioxidant Vitamin E and Gingko Biloba shields skin from destructive free radicals that break down the natural renewal process, resulting in wrinkles and premature agingThe result is younger, smoother, firmer looking skin with lasting results.