Philip martin's triple moisture treatment 1000ml

Philip Martin

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  • Description

    Philip Martin's Triple Moisture Treatment is a wonderful cure treatment for a worn, weakened and damaged hair. The cure is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients that provide plenty of moisture and nourishment to the hair. The cure works instantly, and it has a sustained effect. Philip Martin's Triple Moisture Treatment restore moisture in the hair. The hair appear soft, well-kept and very manageable. The cure is free of parabens and sulfates.
  • Ingredients

    Super hydrating complex, Guar, Plant Glycerine, Antioxidant mix of natural origin,Vitamin E, Essential Rosemary Oil, Sesame Bio Oil, Essential Bitter Orange Oil, Essential Oil ofEucalyptus, Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins, Quaternary Salt.
  • Directions

    Apply on clean hairLeave to act for 5-10 minutesrinse thoroughly
  • Features

    RebuildingMoisturizing treatmentProlonged powerPerfect for a weakened and damaged hairSulphate and parabenefri